Non-Voice Process

It is a rather significant and undoubtedly, difficult and time-consuming task when it comes to both the pre-sales and post-sales processes. While sales and the impending revenue from sales forms the basis of a business, it is imperative to give things an equal importance before the sales as well as afterwards. Where pre-sales is the deciding factor in cracking a deal, post sales services are valued even higher in establishing the overall credibility of a company.

These processes involve a great deal of planning, analysis and base work to achieve the desired results meeting the client objectives. With Zeki’s professional assistance at your disposal, businesses need not worry any more about the several reports and detailed documentation required for the execution of their selected business strategies.

Zeki’s non-voice process facilitates support for the entire processes with primary focus on

  • Preparing analytical reports and documents; the team validates the given data through research, analysis.
  • Formation of comparative analysis report with the help of specialized documents created for the purpose
  • Ascertaining the relevance and outcome of research and development done within a company so far
  • Sending marketing collaterals to the prospects (mainly B2B) is also covered. For instance, Vendor Identification task can be outsourced in here for companies.