Voice Process

Effective planning and strategizing is the key to a successful execution in every business domain. Invariably, sales and marketing functions form the backbone of an organization and the progress and development at large is dependent on these. In the cycle that goes from sales to lead generation to revenue creation, the most critical aspect centers on the pre-sales services. Pre-Sales process is the ultimate success decider and the basis on which an entire business model rests. Zeki understands the mechanism distinctly and facilitates a defined, structured voice process to ensure an unparalleled pre-sales drive to

  • Identify specific point of contact as required
  • Ascertaining the information as valid/ relevant or otherwise
  • Analyzing and scheduling an apt approach to attain sales
  • Negotiating business deals with vendors
  • Help to build on substantial business revenue eventually

Zeki strives hard to validate the given data by the client via calls and targets the exact concerned person for the purpose, whatsoever. Zeki provides a real value add to its clients with some of its exclusivities.

  • Conducts a detailed online research but complements it well with its goal-oriented voice process to provide complete result
  • The team performs profiling activities and identifies the contact information of any prospect, vendor, decision maker, lead or competition etc as required.
  • It categorically defines the inclination/interest of that person in the client’s business.
  • Zeki personnel is smart enough to manipulate the prospect towards sales and quick to follow calls with fixing-up substantial meetings.